VCA - A unique Animal Health brand and product management partner

VCA is unique in the Australian and New Zealand Animal Health market as it provides true multi- channel distribution into vet clinic, speciality pet store and grocery.

Experience, knowledge and a global network make VCA the ideal partner to either take local products to a global market or introduce international products to the Austalian market.

Our wholistic approach to brand and product management, including distribution, makes us the ideal partner for your Brand or Product.

In an increasingly complex world, our role is to make your route to market as simple as possible.

Boredom Busters

When bored pets do bad things, VCA has the answer to keep pets engaged and entertained.


VCA is helping to build the bond between pets and pet parents with products that promote happy and healthy interactive play.


Tackle stains, fur balls and little pet accidents with the collection of cleaning tools and products from VCA.