imageThe Animal Health market in Australia and New Zealand has three channels, all selling products to the consumer. VCA’s unique history has given it the opportunity to develop strong alliances with the key personnel in all three of the channels. This enhances your ability to succeed in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The companion pet market in Australia and New Zealand has been growing substantially over the past 15 years. While there is some overlap between the channels, many products have their own niche within one or two of the channels.

Veterinary Clinics

Sales of Animal Health products in Australia and Zealand continue to grow at a steady rate.

Veterinary clinics predominately sell the veterinary only drugs and devices. These items are ‘scheduled’ and their sale is limited by the Australian regulatory system. Depending on their size and focus, vets do carry a range of other behavioural and training toys as well as some accessories. Many vets also carry a range of high-end foods and treats.

Retail Pet Stores

This is an area of very rapid growth in Australia and New Zealand. Over the last 10 years, Animal Health product sales have grown annually, on average, by 15%.

Pet Stores can range in size from small shops in shopping centres to large warehouses packed with products. Their range includes everything from the pets themselves to food, treats, beds, accessories and toys. Pet stores are restricted from selling the veterinary only drugs and devices.


Supermarkets have seen fairly rapid growth in Animal Health product sales in Australia and New Zealand over the last 10 years. There are a number of large retail supermarket chains across the countries as well as some independents.

Traditionally, access to the mainstream grocery channel has been limited by their structure. However, VCA has excellent relationships with the main grocery buyers. Supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand are dominated by low to mid range food products with an increasing range of treats, toys and accessories.

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