imageVCA has the experience and understanding to make your Animal Health brand or product relevant to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Even before a product is brought in to Australia and New Zealand, VCA goes to work. We take the time to research the appropriate market. This allows us to measure potential interest and determine if any changes need to be made. While your product may sell well at home, we need to ensure it is appropriate and will be accepted here. We then determine the best position for it in the market as well as its price position.

Our regulatory professionals examine the packaging, labelling and marketing content. If necessary they will suggest changes to bring the material into line with Australian standards and regulatory requirements. If an Animal Health product makes a therapeutic claim, it must undergo clearance from the appropriate government department.

Negotiations with the wholesalers are another important aspect of VCA’s brand management success. Our strong relationships with the wholesalers mean we achieve the best deal for you while gaining their full support. It also gives us another opportunity to localise the brand or product, further enhancing its acceptability.

Our very experienced team offer quality, professional services, giving you the best chance of success here in Australia and New Zealand.