imageVCA’s philosophy of supporting Animal Health brands and products with strong marketing material is another reason for its international success. We do not believe it is sufficient to just ‘push’ products with the wholesalers and retailers. Without creating the awareness and demand on the other end, from the consumers, products can’t really succeed. Getting a product on the shelf is one thing, making sure it is sold from that shelf is another.

Market Research – The initial market research conducted to gauge market interest has a dual purpose. It also acts as a tool for introducing your brand or product into the market.

Launches – Launching a brand or product is a critical step in its success. VCA has the experience and understanding to create an effective launch that will gain both attention and interest.

Marketing Material – VCA knows the importance of relevant, local marketing material. Their marketing department specialises in producing quality, effective marketing material including;

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Point of Sale Material
  • Posters
  • Information Sheets

Promotions – There are a range of promotional techniques available that are successful in the Australian and New Zealand marketplaces. One highly effective method is to link the packaging back to a website. This gives the consumer the opportunity to win additional products or prizes while VCA gathers information.

Display Advertising – Once VCA has developed a series of locally appropriate ads, they can then be placed in the relevant trade catalogues or consumer magazines.

Online Newsletters – VCA creates its own bi-monthly online newsletters written specifically for each avenue; wholesalers, veterinary staff, retailers and consumers.

Redemptions – Another very effective tool here in Australia and New Zealand is redemptions. A consumer purchases a product twice and with proof of purchase they receive the 3rd free.

Free Sampling of Food Products – Efficiently distributing free samples to interested consumers is not always easy. VCA has discovered that one very effective method is to place a code in consumer advertising. Interested consumers can then enter the code into a website and VCA will send them free samples, as well as collect their details.

Websites – Increasing numbers of consumers are using the internet to research potential products and brands. VCA understands the importance of a strong, informative website and can assist in the design and production of a locally relevant site.

Pet Shows - VCA attends all the main consumer pet shows nationally and internationally, showcasing their brands and products.

Online Brand and Product Training Programs – VCA understands that knowledge is important. It has created Online Training Programs to increase retailer and vet nurse awareness and knowledge of specific products and brands.

Point of contact - Having a local point of contact for the consumer to come back to and give feedback, negative or positive, is very important. VCA takes all feedback seriously.

Guarantees - VCA offers a 100% guarantee on numerous products and honours it. If a consumer is not satisfied, VCA will offer a refund or a replacement with no questions asked.