imageKeeping pets well trained and caring for their wellbeing is easy with VCA’s training aids, tools, tips and tricks. A well-trained pet is far more likely to feel comfortable and safe in their homes and neighbourhood. With the Starmark and Husher training aids pet parents can be well equipped to ensuring their pet is obedient and happy.

Snacks Range


The snack that does not compromise!

Fruitables® are the deliciously healthy snacks for dogs. Made from 100% natural ingredients, Fruitables® are baked in a USA Certified Organic Facility. These snacks are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fibre with a low fat and sodium content. Fruitables® are CalorieSmart® and help maintain a healthy diet. This Aromalicious experience is super nutritious with no compromise to the dog's diet.

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All Australian snacking packed with flavour to drive pets wild!

Lickables 1 are dehydrated snacks packed full of the natural  nutrition of real meat. Using cold dehydration the snacks remain raw - maintaining all of the nutrition of fresh meat. With Lickables 1 the very strong flavour and aroma is locked in to the delight of all pets. Lickables have absolutely nothing added, so they are just as healthy as fresh meat for dogs. All Lickables varieties are high in protein and nutrition whilst being low in fat.

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Starvin Marvins

The snack packed full of all natural veggie goodness!

These all natural snacks are packed with the nutrition of vegetables and are super low in fat. The Starvin Marvins Wheat Free Veggie Ears are made of 100% meat free ingredients no artificial colours or preservatives. Starvin Marvins helps occupy pets and provides a safer and healthier way to feed pets between meals.

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