imageHave pets looking and feeling as great as they do on the inside with the VCA range of grooming products. Products like the Squirt stuff for dogs, provides pet parents with quality tools to keep their pet clean and comfortable. Help pets look stunning, feel soft and shine from the inside, with the range of grooming products to pamper pets.

Grooming Range

Pet Plus Lustre-Aid

Conditioning Cologne for Classy Coats

Pet Plus Lustre-Aid is VCA's very own brand of cologne for dogs and cats.

Lustre-Aid not only smells great, but it also conditions and deodorises the pet's coat. Lustre-Aid contains absorbable Lanolin, which releases a luxurious glow and glossiness to coat. This convenient spray application also assists to maintain the coat's strength and healthiness to help avoid dry knots and matted tangles.

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Grooming stuff for Pets

Squirt for dogs is exactly the stuff pet parents and their pets need to live luxuriously. The Squirt grooming stuff is specifically formulated just for dogs.

While people may often treat dogs like humans, there is a growing understanding that their skin is different, therefore requiring different hair stuff. Squirt grooming stuff ensures dogs are clean, soft and ultimately stylish.

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