Food & Nutrition

imageVCA understands that nutrition is key ensuring pets stay healthy and content. To provide pet parents with real feeding solutions, VCA have identified the nutritional needs of different pets and found quality products to suit. The range of foods available from VCA offer pets with all the goodness that nature intended. A well fed pet can easily be spotted by their balanced weight, healthy coat and positive demeanour. With variety to suit any pet preference and world class quality, VCA proudly support premium foods for well deserving Australian pets.

Food & Nutrition Range


It's all good

At Applaws, making pet food matters. Applaws focuses primarily on food, but also provides all natural solutions for pets. With their food, only the ingredients that are listed on the packaging is what is found in the food, no hidden additives, preservatives or fillers. With only the good stuff used in the food, Applaws ensures that a complete dietary balance is maintained just as nature intended.

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Alfalfa King

Ultra premium Double-Compressed Hay

The Alfalfa King Range of Hay and grasses offers small animals a quality feeding solution in a compressed format that is easy to handle. Bulky, puffed out bags of hay offer pet parents much lower value because they pay for a lot of dust and air. The double compression results in greater retention and fresher tasting hay. The ultra-premium varieties available from Alfalfa King ensure that your rabbit, mouse or guinea pig get the hay that they deserve. 

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