Boredom Busters

imageWhen bored pets do bad things, VCA has the answer to keep pets engaged and entertained.

The Boredom Busters range includes a variety of treats and toys that provide mental stimulation and physical involvement to pets. The range encapsulates a group of brands, all dedicated to the entertainment of pets. Boredom Busters brands include Hyper Pet, Starmark, and West Paw.

Boredom Busters

Hyper Pet

Get hyper-active with this exciting range!

HYPER Pet offers uniquely patented interactive toys for pets to enjoy. Make training and exercise more fun, for both pet and pet parent alike, with this great range of products. The HYPER Pet toys are made of durable, non-toxic, materials to endure hours of interactive play time. These high quality products are immediately recognisable with their bright colours, whether in-store or out at the park.

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Beat pets' boredom with the stimulating Starmark range!

Developed by the Triple Crown Training Academy, the StarMark range of Boredom Busters provide a variety of enrichment solutions to pets and pet parents. The Self Motivating range offers unique challenges for pets through long lasting treats and food dispensing toys. The Interactive Boredom Busters promote pet parents to get active with their pets. Pets can be taught obedience through the specially designed range of StarMark Training products.

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West Paw


The West Paw brand includes a range of environmentally sustainable interactive and chew toys. Made in the USA in a carbon neutral facility, these toys consist of 100% recyclable Zogoflex® material. The success of these durable toys is evident in the fact that there is a full replacement guarantee against them being destroyed by the pet.

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