Behaviour & Training

imageKeeping pets well trained and caring for their wellbeing is easy with VCA’s training aids, tools, tips and tricks. A well-trained pet is far more likely to feel comfortable and safe in their homes and neighbourhood. With the Starmark and Husher training aids pet parents can be well equipped to ensuring their pet is obedient and happy.

Behaviour & Training Range

The Husher

The 100% Humane Training Aid

The Husher™ is the most humane and effective solution for reducing barking, chewing, biting and aggression.

The Husher™ is a very simple yet effective training aid. It is made from a stretchable elastic material which limits the expansion of the dog’s mouth. The amount of pressure exerted tires the dogs muscles as they try to bark, so much so that they find it easier not to exhibit nuisance behaviour.

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Beat pets' boredom with the stimulating StarMark range!

Developed by the Triple Crown Training Academy, the Starmark range of Boredom Busters provide a variety of enrichment solutions to pets and pet parents. Pets can be taught obedience through the specially designed range of StarMark Training products. 

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