The Starmark range of boredom busters are interactive and self-motivating toys that prevent boredom and reduce destructive behaviour in pets. Made from safe, non-toxic and extremely durable materials, the Starmark range provides hours of fun for any size pet.


Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

Gone are the days of scoffing a meal out of a bowl in one minute! The Treat Dispensing Chew Ball is the most durable Everlasting toy, with fewer ridges for dogs to get their teeth around.

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A very different self-motivating toy that dispenses treats as dogs move it around. Ditch the doggie bowl and bring out this boredom buster, as the Bob-a-lot Large can hold up three cups of dry dog food.

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Treat Dispensing Tetraflex

Turn mealtime into playtime by replacing your dog's food bowl with a Treat Dispensing Tetraflex.

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