The Starmark range of boredom busters are interactive and self-motivating toys that prevent boredom and reduce destructive behaviour in pets. These toys, treats and games will keep your pet entertained for hours and put an end to problems such as barking, scratching at doors, digging holes in the garden, chewing your favourite shoes or even pulling the washing off the clothes line.

Starmark toys are made from safe, non-toxic and extremely durable materials that provide hours of fun for any size pet. Take a look at our huge range of toys and treats and bust your pet’s boredom today.

Triple Crown Dog Academy

The Starmark range was developed by the Triple Crown Training Academy, which is the world’s largest training and behaviour centre for dogs. Thousands of dogs go through their training facilities every year. The Academy’s certified dog training and behaviour specialists provide the benefit of their vast experience through this innovative range. They understand that to keep dogs from getting bored and destructive you need to keep them motivated and stimulated.