LifeStages ACE Dog Crate with Double Door

LifeStages ACE Dog Crate with Double Door

For dogs, their instinct to find a den to curl up in can be satisfied with the MidWest range of Crates.

The LifeStages ACE Crate range can grow with the pet. This means that as a young pup, the Crate area can be reduced with an internal barrier wall to section off the back of the crate. This allows the pets to curl in the comfort of the smaller space, providing them with the psychological security of a place to call their own.

These LifeStages Crates are a must for trainers, show dogs, indoor dogs or for any pet that is ready to be house trained. The crates are fully collapsible and incredibly easy to assemble, all without any tools required. Take this enclosure anywhere your pet goes. The flat pack Crate even features clip on handles to make carrying the Crate that much easier. Click here to watch a MidWest Crate assembly.

The LifeStages Crate offers the pet the convenience of a front and side door, which also offers flexibility on where the Crate is placed in the home. The walls of the crate are made from durable metal with a wide mesh design. This ensures that the pet is always easily visible, but no little paws can get themselves caught in the mesh. The frame is electro-coated to ensure a rust free haven for the pet. The floor pan of the Crate conveniently slides out from the base without having to disassemble the frame. This allows you to remove and clean the pan so that your pet’s home remains healthy and hygienic.

The LifeStages ACE Crates come in a range of sizes, each with an internal divider for growing pets making them ideal for all ages and sizes.

Available in 5 sizes:

  • 24”/60cm - 622 x 495 x 547mm
    Ideal for dogs up to 6kg
  • 30”/75cm - 781 x 521 x 502mm
    Ideal for dogs up to 8kg
  • 36”/90cm - 933 x 546 x 578mm
    Ideal for dogs up to 11kg
  • 42”/105cm - 1099 x 572 x 743mm
    Ideal for dogs up to 16kg
  • 48”/120cm - 1238 x 597 x 784mm
    Ideal for dogs up to 20kg

Important Information:

  • Remove collar, tags & leads from pet before placing it in the home to prevent possible entanglement.

Parts Included:

  • 1 x Fold & Carry Pet Home
  • 1 x ABS Plastic Pan
  • 1 x Divider Panel
  • 2 x Plastic Carry Handle