Because Life Goes Better with Pets®, MidWest provides quality products that return the favour and make your pet’s life better. This range of enclosure solutions and accessories ensure your pet can relax in luxury or play in full safety, all at their own desire.


LifeStages ACE Dog Crate with Double Door

For dogs, their instinct to find a den to curl up in can be satisfied with the MidWest range of Crates. The LifeStages ACE Crate range can grow with the pet, providing them with the psychological security of a place to call their own. These LifeStages Crates are a must for trainers, show dogs, indoor dogs or for any pet that is ready to be house trained.

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Exercise Pen Tops

To convert the Exercise Pen into an enclosure is simple with the Exercise Pen Tops. Available in Wire Mesh or Sunscreen, these Tops lock the Exercise Pens into a 1.2m square configuration and add that next level of security to the pet’s playtime.

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LifeStages Exercise Pen with Door

Pets require regular exercise as well as the chance to move and play. To ensure the your pets remain safe, whether indoors or out, MidWest has developed a range of flexible LifeStages Exercise Pens.

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